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Verbruggen provides the optimal solutions for palletizing crates, boxes or bags by automatic stacking techniques. We possess more than 25 years of experience making the most efficient, durable palletizers with unparalleled stacking volumes. These have been provided with several different palletization solutions worldwide within the agricultural industrial subdivisions rendering clients the best in automated resolutions for stacking the most difficult yields.


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Always concentrating on technovation

Similar to an international as well as progressive squad, we render innovative and customized solutions to run into the needs as well as condition of the clients. We have widespread experience in loading various agricultural as well as industrial product types such as onions, carrots, beets, (seed) potatoes, grains, products, nuts, bulbs, dairy and animal feed. The team of engineers are continually revolutionizing and developing the machines enabling us to produce the most technically progressive & effective palletizing solutions.

Palletizer options

Offered with a full-line of palletizers orbiting from stand-alone small capacity machineries, these can fully-automated high-speed palletizing methods. All palletizers can be custom-made to suit all specific requirements; these are included with a wide ambit of choices such as: combi manipulator for dual purpose stacking of bags/boxes, powered roller conveyors for unfilled or full pallet conveyance, or crates. These come with adjustable stacking compartments for multiple pallet sizes & unvarying finished pallet stacks, electric compression collar for lateral layer compression, wrappers, or assorted varieties of slip sheet points as required for specific purpose.

Palletizing solutions with smallest operating costs

Offered palletizers are rendered with reduced functional costs on account of their advanced machine technologies, reduced maintenance necessities, long-term dependability and less power consumption. These are functional as return on investments, which are offered with high considering the number of workers that can be instantly removed from the stacking procedure with employment of a Verbruggen palletizer. Long sustained apparatus life also render several years worth of satisfaction while rendering dependable stacking processes, boosting operational efficacies and reduced risk of worker injury.

Wrapping machines

The Wrapping machines we offer are apt for in-line automatic function, or for elementary standalone wrapping uses. Varieties of wrappers include: high-speed rotary arm wrappings, turn-table bindings combined with palletizers for programmed function, or stand-alone wrapping uses. Equip the wrapper with the desired wrapping physical consisting of net, rope, film, or a combination of net as well as paper based on product properties, these are suitable for the finished product needs.

User-friendly palletization

The machines include user friendly touchscreen displays so that users can easily select the correct stacking pattern, change the number of products on a pallet, make setting adjustments, or simply monitor advancement and production efficacies.

Service and maintenance

We are fortified with a committed Service Team accessible 24/6 to render professional service support on-site. These enable instantaneous remote accession from all locations. These are available to render prompt service support whenever it is needed most. These are provided with preventive maintenance assessments assisting to recognize components in need of auxiliary before machine failure insuring optimal machine efficiency & steadiness in production. The smart machine design of these products enables moving parts to be employed with convenience. The machines have long maintenance intermissions while rendering maximal operational dependability as well as extended equipment life expectancy.