About Us

In need of stacking products? We, Verbruggen can assist with our automated palletizing for all stackable product varieties. These can create a customized palletizing solution for all, starting from the platform of standard equipment mechanisms. Verbruggen has developed numerous applications which are still employed today throughout the agricultural as well as industrial marketplaces worldwide. The core design of this is still employed in our machines by following numerous refinements, efficiency developments and the latest technologies enabling us to render state-of-the-art palletizing machines for our clients. We have facilities placed in Europe (Emmeloord), United States (Washington State) and Asia (Dhaka) for best service coverage along with a strong distributor network internationally.

Continuous Innovation

The V's in our logo makes the Technovation circle. Also, it represents both Technique as well as Innovation. This grouping is a fundamental attribute of the Verbruggen Team. With more than 50 highly accomplished professionals in-house, we have extensive knowledge in all zones of engineering, controls and design. This enables us to make high-quality machines via continuous modernizations resultant in smooth & efficient palletizing procedures. Long-term machine modifications have also permitted us to attain very serviceable and reliable machines. Cutting-edge control skills, well-organized equipment design and the up-to-date innovations have also carried production abilities to ours to an unmatched level. Also, these attributes enable us to produce the products, which are the quick returns on investment with several years of dependable equipment operation.