Customized Solutions

We render the clients with solutions as well as assortment of projects, we render the several illustrations of the particular machine concepts. If you have a specific request, the engineers will assist you to develop a customized solution for all situations. These are also apt for extremely tough-stackable products.

Mobile palletizing

To be capable to palletize on assorted locations with one production, Verbruggen developed the VPM-Mobile that is employed by bulking goods of storage as well as handling companies. Unique is the simple transportation of the mechanism by truck.

Stacking nested crates

If you stand in the requirement of stack or unstack nested crates of high-speed, the VPM-CS is particularly made for fully automatic processing of products in stackable crates. The crates are delivered automatically and after being occupied stacked firmly on pallets.

Stacking different sizes of onions at once

Stacking assorted sizes of onions without a storage shelter? With this smart installation, three different sizes are handled simultaneously. Three palletizers, three weighing machineries as well as three even flow bins and product conveyors are totally combined in the current production line.

Stacking inside pallet measurements

Is the product susceptible for damage during conveyance? Stack the product with the exceptional indoor palletizing result rendering tight stack easiness to be attained prior to placement on a pallet subsequent with protection of merchandise from all edges on the pallet.