Palletizer Machine

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Palletizer Machine

The Mobile Palletizer, Bag Palletizer, Crates Palletizer Machine characterizes a series of entry level palletizers which are compressed in layout, and modest / adaptable in function rendering consistent stacking outcomes at a smart price point. Thanks to the overlying stacking design, bags are set mechanically in an intertwined and stabilized arrangement. These machines need reduced maintenance as well as power consumption on account of their modern drive technologies, most efficient design, and combination of some mechanisms found in our higher end palletizers.

Having small sizes as well as variable in feed positions, the apparatuses can be located in almost all locations with infeed of stacks at floor level. The machines are fully integrated with a gripper style manipulator that obtains bags from the vertical lift. These have been accurately stacked so that the full established pallets can be simply detached from the machine. The user-friendly touchscreen interface of these enables well-organized operation as well as selection of product programs. These use smart software to aid with desired product selection & stacking arrangements. Continual design modifications have resulted with reliable equipment operation, reduced maintenance intermissions and consistent stacking results.

Mobile Palletizer, Bag Palletizer, Crates Palletizer Machine with a small footprint

The VPM-4 is a compacted mechanism with a small footprint that can mechanically stack bags and substitute physical labor with short Return on Investment potential.

Mobile Palletizer, Bag Palletizer, Crates Palletizer Machine and customized solution

A compact as well as entry level machine rendering with a wide ambit of selections, small footprint and substitution of manual work at a great price point

Mobile Palletizer, Bag Palletizer, Crates Palletizer Machine – fast and elementary labor replacement

The Mobile Palletizer, Bag Palletizer, Crates Palletizer Machine is a standardized design without additional feature alternatives. These machines are largely produced in India and deliver a small footprint with robust ROI potential.


10 bags / minute

Bag Dimensions

Various weights and dimensions possible

Stacking patterns

Freely adjustable


User friendly touchscreen interface

Energy consumption


Above mentioned specifications are indicative, contact us for specific and custom solutions.

  • Capacity 20%
  • Compact55%
  • Flexibility65%
  • Accuracy75%