Semi Automatic Palletizer

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Semi Automatic Palletizer

Semi Automatic Palletizer Machine range proffers 4 select models (VPM-7, 8, 10 and 14), providing a wide ambit of palletizing selections including diverse product stacking abilities to high capacities, if essential. Simply control the strictures of the system and choose the machine that optimally fits your requirements.

Your Palletizing Solution

The capacity of the apparatus ranges between 12 bags to 40 bags in every minute with Semi Automatic Palletizer. There is also a provision to choose the High Speed options and stacking up to 70 bags per minute (based on bag size). All models can be drawn-out with programmed transport of stacked pallets, automatic in feed of unfilled pallets, or net/film wrapping mechanism that enable for fully automatic work. Interested in palletizing both bags as well as boxes employing a single machine? All machines can be equipped with our particularly made Combi-Manipulator that enable for touch screen selection between box or bags products.

Accurate Positioning

The conveyor belts mechanically transport, accumulate, and condition bags as they move in the direction of manipulator. Centering flaps in the manipulator insure the precise placing of the bags onto the pallet. Also, these can control height of drop for the settlement of boxes as well as crates. All layers are made on the formation doors and located in an interlocking decoration on the pallet. All product layers are pressed against the construction doors employing adjustable pressure and making flat product layer outcomes. The pallets are also stacked in a four-sided encircled stacking holder, all of which outcomes in a stable as well as precise stack for all stackable product varieties, also completed at very high speeds.

Capacity 12 - 40 bags / minute

Bag Dimensions 270 x 350 - 460 x 770 mm or 530 x 880 mm

Stacking patterns Freely adjustable

Operations User friendly touchscreen interface

Energy consumption Low

Above mentioned specifications are indicative, contact us for specific and custom solutions.

Capacity 90%