Table Wrapper Machine

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Table Wrapper Machine

In order to make the palletized products ready for conveyance, we can make utilization of our semi/fully automated wrapping machines. To avoid the products from conceivable external damages and to make the products invariable and set to the pallet during transport, we render clienteles with an orbit of wrapping materials based on the products attributes, for example:

  • Net: Assist the fresh fruit and vegetables to inhale during their conveyance.
  • Foil: Preclude production loss from environmental impacts such as humidity as well as dust.
  • Arrangement of net and paper: Prevent products' exposure from UV rays.

Due to the assistance of our 25-year of technology innovation experiences, Verbruggen has industrialized a complete range of wrapping machines, which can be classified into three key series:

  • Arm Wrapper Machine

    -The Arm Wrapper Machine wraps pallets are delivered with high capacity utilizing a robust swing arm.

  • Table Wrapper Machine

    -The VTW-wrapping machine come with a turntable design, and can usually be combined within a palletizing line.

  • Stand-alone Wrapper Machine

    -The VSW wrapping machine has been furnished with a turntable arrangement, and it will be employed independently from the palletizer.

(Verbruggen Table Wrapper)

Capacity 30 to 40 pallets / hour
Wrapping height Max. 2500 mm
Diameter 1650 mm
Pallet size Max. 1200 x 1200 mm
Pallet weight Max. 1500 kg
Transport Roller of chain conveyor
Tie-off Clipper, Heat Seal or manually
Material Foil, net, net and paper
Braking system EMB brake or electro motor
Options Top sheet, Press plates

Semi or fully automatic?

By utilizing a semi-automatic wrapping machine the tie-off of pallets can be completed manually, if required wrapping machine can be functioned with a remote control.
Employing a fully-automatic wrapping solution from Verbruggen the wrapping physical is tied mechanically by either staples (Clipper) or heat (Heat Seal). The fully-automatic resolution is moneymaking with approx. 10 or more pallets / hour.

Why a Verbruggen pallet wrapping machine?

Our experience of 25 years enables us to deliver the best wrapping machines to many ambitious companies. The Verbruggen pallet wrapping machine and their productions insure a high uptime as well as 24/6 provision.