Team overview

Erik Bruggink

Chief Executive Officer

Let's find a way, or make one. Determination and intellect allows us to overcome many challenges. Happiness Lies in the Joy of Achievement. Time is limited to God, so don't waste it living someone else's life.

Wouter Verbruggen

Vice President

Under my supervision our solutions find their way to the North American market. Reliability and continuity is the most important argument for our customers.

Maarten Verbruggen

Director Business Development

To answer the market demand accurately, I follow its development closely and I create opportunities for existing and new markets.

Alex Verbruggen

Business Development Director

With the lessons of the past, dwelling on the present. Grateful for where we are trusting in God's help and guidance going forward.

Freerk Jan de Haan

Account Manager

From my agricultural background, I find solutions to integrate the machines into a perfect application for the processing of various agricultural products of our customers.

Ton van 't Hof

Account Manager

I always strive for a pleasant, personal collaboration with my clients. in order to provide the best solutions and achieve a good end result!

Tomás Cordonnier

Account Manager

I integrate the huge knowledge of our "Scientifics of stacking" to turn needs of our customers into solutions with big impact in the efficiency.

Gert Dokter

Sales Manager

Caroline Penning

Sales Marketing Assistent

Satisfied and happy customers are my motivation. Every day I put my enthusiasm and passion into action to achieve this.

Scott Frankenfield

Market Manager North America

My goal as North America Market Manager is to provide great customer service, strengthen relations and maximize growth potential throughout the marketplace.

Yanbo Wu

Account Manager

As China Account Manager, I am breaking through that huge market and converting the great potentials and oppotunities to reality with Verbruggen intellegence.

Ning Fan

Account Manager

Shifting from traditional stacking to automatic palletizing is a gradual but imperative path in China's agricultural development. It is exciting to see this technological innovative process.

Amar Choudhary

Account Manager

My mission is to provide palletizing solutions in India by exceptional customer services and delivering quality products at fair prices, as three main core values of the company.

Alexander Khoroshkov

Account Manager

Being the head of the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) market direction, I fully understand the necessity to establish the long-term relationships with clients and partners of the post-Soviet area.

Johan van der Reest

Technical Sales Support Engineer

I know the world of our customers from practice in the field and know how important it is to prevent downtime of the machine. Good service and preventative maintenance is essential!

Daniel Noorland

After Sales Engineer

Maximum uptime and reliability of our solutions is my goal as a Service Engineer. Fast and effective action in case of failure!

Henk Naaktgeboren

After Sales Engineer

Marlies van den Berg

Coördinator Installation & SAT

The urgency of Service requests makes scheduling a daily challenge. With efficient coordination we avoid downtime and we achieve the best customer satisfaction.

Hanneke Gerards

Coördinator After Sales

Jan Molenaar


Klaas Jongman

Support / Maintenance engineer

Ronald Halma

Commisioning Engineer installation & SAT

Myke Beunk

Commisioning Engineer installation & SAT

Pieter Moens

Commisioning Engineer installation & SAT

Susan van der Does

Finance Officer

As Finance Officer at the administration department together with my colleagues we run the administration smoothly. We always focus on our customers.

Nelleke Nikkels

Finance Coördinator

Koos Lambregtse

Strategic & Tactical Purchaser

To deliver your machine on time at the expected quality level, I am (as a purchaser) constantly searching for top quality machine element for the best price and the right delivery time.

Pieter Sinke

Tactical & Operational Purchaser

Saskia Bakker

HR Manager

Bert Dekker

Logistic & Manufacturing Engineer

Under my leadership in our factory all disciplines come together, and the end result is a properly functioning installation at the customer.

Siemen Fuite

Manager Operations

Alex Bouma

Sales Support Engineer

Benny Steen Redeker

Project Engineer

Henk Jan Roeten

Mechanical Engineer

As a Mechanical Engineer, I don't see problems, but challenges. From the customer point of view, I always try to find the best solution.

Geerten Schilder

Mechanical Engineer

Pieter van Ommen

Sales Support Engineer

I am the extension of the sales department. Solution-focussed and with attention for detail, I am always looking for the best solution for our customer.

Pieter van der Ploeg

Mechanical Engineer

Gerbren den Uijl

Commisioning Engineer FAT

Leon Moerdijk

Commisioning Engineer FAT

Henk Jan van Pijkeren

Electrical Engineer

Peter Steeneveld

Electrical Engineer

Jelle Hakvoort

Electrical Engineer

Jordy Schinkel

Software Engineer

Fokke-Pieter Loosman

Software Engineer

Software is the heart of the machine, together with my colleagues I'm designing customer made software to operate the machine in a functional and user friendly way.

Andert Bos

Software Engineer

We implement the customer requirements are in the software, and test them for each machine specifically. The aim for the future is to further simplify and extend the possibilities of the user interface, so it will be even more easy to configure/perform maintenance on the machines.

Jouke Aalvanger

Software Engineer

Marco van der Heide


Jacko Schutte

Commisioning Engineer FAT